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Shuffle the 50 value cards; Personal values card sort instruction sheet.

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Follow your intuition and ask questions based on what you personally are curious about.

Values card sort instructions. Print out the pdf and cut each box out. (03) 9015 9450 if you’d like us to contact you by phone, please send us a. Listed below are 50 values.

If you will be conducting a card sort using physical cards, write each topic on a separate index card. You can sort through either deck simply by clicking it. If you don’t have as much time, ask one or two questions to the presenter.

Wilbourne university of new mexico, 2001 important to me very important to me not important to me acceptance to be accepted as i am 1 2 9/01 accuracy Go through the rest of the cards and place them next to one of the importance cards, as appropriate. To download the instructions for the happiness trap values, goals and barriers cards, click here.

To begin, shuffle all of the value cards except for the the blank “other value” cards. Value sort — the good project. Then you take the cards with the values that are most important to you, and you rank those, 1 through 8.

Personal values card sort 1. When you find a value that describes you, circle it. The value sort is an excellent way to reflect upon what is most important to you personally and it is also a great way to stimulate conversations with peers.

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The orange cards become your “keep” pile, and the grey cards become your “discard” pile. Then use the cards “important to me,” “not important to me,” and “very important to me” as column headings. The cards will be neat, legible, and consistent.

Personal values card sort instructions. Instructions for career values card sort page 1. Ask each team members to present which values they selected and why.

These are your top, most important values. Your questions will help both the presenter and the group to learn about themselves. The personal values card sort is intended to help people clarify their own central values and consider how they might reflect those values in their daily lives.

Wilbourne university of new mexico, 2001 important to me very important to me not important to me acceptance to be accepted as i am 1 9/01 accuracy to be accurate in my opinions and beliefs 2 9/01 achievement to have important accomplishments 3 9/01 adventure You simply sort through this deck of cards, and organize them into five stacks based on how important each value is. Keep the 2 blank cards separate.

It is possible to use fewer than five categories for sorting (e.g. Personal values card sort w.r. They allow you to add images into cards, too, but the big issue is images are so small you can’t recognize what’s on them.

The tool looks a little bit deprecated as well. The 8 cards in the always valued stack will be your. Sort the entire deck of cards into five stacks, according to how important each career value is to you:

Personal values card sort w. This set provides five cards to designate piles: Using the 100 value cards, sort values into the categories and follow directions to eventually get to a page where you can explore questions related to your values.

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If a value card fits you well, click the green “add +” button to add a value to the orange deck. Skill card sort instructions and action steps many find it difficult to identify their skills. In fact, value mismatch is a major cause of career dissatisfaction.

It seems like a handy online tool for card sorting. “most important”, “important”, “not important”). This is a big minus.

Personal values card sort instruction sheet. Knowing what we value most in our work, relationships, and other commitments makes it easier to respond to opportunities and conflicts with integrity. 2.once the cards are shuffled, go ahead and sort them not into the different piles based on how important each one is to you.

Remember, these are your values, not anyone else’s. Shuffle through the grey deck of cards below by clicking to the left or right of the highlighted card. You can create an open, closed, and hybrid card sort.

This includes what is important regarding what you do, how you do it, where you do it, with, and/or for whom. How to use the values sort cards: Miller, w.r., c’debaca, j., & matthews, d.b.

• discount or minimize what we are good at • don’t think of what we do well as actually being a valuable skill • assume everyone else can do it • are overly critical of ourselves Sort values into three piles: Most important on the right).

Instruct the participant to sort. Next, condense the circled list to the 10 values that most describe you. Each card has a value printed on it, along with a short description.

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